Fox Light scanner type for  Motorcycles / Cruiser Bike

             INSTALLED IN 5 MINUTES!!!


- More than 18 modes of scanning, Red color, 12V DC.
- Strenghthened effect of tail-dragging and lightening.
- Scan speed adjustable.
- Power cut-off memory.
- Outstanding voltage level instruction mode of level 8 voice command.
- Lamp breaking are all made of super bright LED, Power-thrifty and long product life.
- The cover is made of Environment-friendly channel PVC.
- Heat-resistant, water-proof, shock-proof and anti-corrosion.
- Handy installation.
- Standard socket connector, no damage to the bike power system.
- Voice-command mode.
- Size: 56cm (22") in length and 1.4cm (0.6") in width

Remote control:

- A to adjust the speed of scanning.
- B to switch voice-command modes.
- C to select different modes.
- D to turn on/off the power.

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